Behind the Suspiria: Witches Tee

WitchesDario ArgentoLegendary Italian Horror Film Director and considered to be Master of the Giallo (with a bit of extra gore).

The Giallo sub genre (for Italian audiences) is any kind of thriller. Some people refer to a lot of his films as “Horror Whodunnits” (Note: Don’t EVER call it that, please.)

Hitchcock films would be considered Gialli.

The Suspiria: Witches T-shirt is based on one of the images in the movie that is pretty much embedded in the minds of most Argento fans.

Suspiria is part of the “Three Mothers” Trilogy. The first is ofcourse– Suspiria.

The second is Inferno and the third is called The Mother of Tears which came out later in his career.

Check out this chilling scene:

What do you think of Dario Argento’s movies? Voice your opinion! …and say more than just good lighting and cinematography!

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